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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Auckland

Carpets are the center of attraction of any household or commercial space. A beautiful carpet with soft-to-feel fibers can exponentially enhance the appearance of the place. They protect the flooring as well as add value to the interiors. However, negligence in maintenance can flip things that only a professional carpet cleaning service can upturn.

A dirty carpet is not only an eyesore but a hub of disease-causing germs, bacteria, and mites. Drink spills, ketchup stains, pet urines, body sweats, all these make your treasured carpets look dull and unhygienic that cannot be restored by DIY carpet cleaning. You should hire only the best professional carpet cleaning service in Auckland who knows carpet fibers like Affinity carpet cleaners. Affinity Cleaning Services has a talented team of carpet cleaners with years of experience in deep cleaning, repair, and vacuuming under their belt. We first inspect the damage, carpet type and then adopt an effective cleaning and carpet repairing method. No matter how large or small the carpet cleaning project, we have the tools, experience, and resources to handle it.Whether it is a single room residential cleaning or multiple carpets cleaning, we are the name you can count upon for professional, effective, and on-time cleaning. So, restore your carpets to their former glory with experts in the house with professional carpet cleaning services in Auckland. Call now for a free quote!

Auckland’s Most Trusted Carpet Cleaning

Affinity cleaning services are Auckland’s most trusted carpet cleaning service that can make your carpet shine and smell as new. We have years of experience in repairing and cleaning carpets of different fibers all over Auckland. Our professional carpet cleaners in Auckland use high-end cleaning machines that can handle even the toughest stains.

Our carpet cleaning process includes

Our carpet cleaning process includes a thorough inspection of the carpet all over your house, whether your house is a single-story or double-story. After a detailed inspection of the carpet, we use eco-friendly, nontoxic products to shampoo and steam clean your carpets that will not harm your kids and pets even after the cleaning process. Final drying of the carpet and upholstery is carried out only after the spotless cleaning is achieved.

Carpet Spot Removal Auckland

Being a locally owned and operated carpet cleaning company in Auckland, we have given our customers high-quality and affordable carpet cleaning services. Dirty carpets no longer need to be changed. Spots, stains, and bad odors are removed with our professional carpet cleaning service in Auckland. We will remove spots from your carpets using the highest quality non-toxic materials. Call us for spotless carpets in Auckland.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Total carpet cleaning service cost in Auckland depends upon the size of carpet and cleaning services included in the process. Basic steam cleaning of the carpet in Auckland costs $3.50 per square meter. And the cost of one visit by professional carpet cleaners is $175+GST. For a heavy-duty carpet cleaning service, $5 per square meter is the cost.

Affinity cleaning services use NZ-approved non-toxic, environment-friendly cleaning products to make your carpet spotless. Our effective cleaning products are fume-free and safe for children and pets. Our cleaning products are biodegradable and will replace the stinking odor of your carpet with nice smelling, shiny carpets.

Regular carpet cleaning removes the extra dust and dirt from the carpet that can hamper the carpet fiber if left untreated. However, apart from DIY vacuum cleaning, professional carpet cleaning in Auckland can make your carpet restored to its original condition.

If done correctly steam cleaning can do wonders in removing not only dust and odor but also invisible microbes and allergens from your carpet making your carpet safe and hygienic. If done with high temperature and high pressure then only steam cleaning can damage your carpets. Affinity cleaning services utilize high-end machines and instruments to deep clean your carpet safely.

The lifespan of a carpet ranges from 5 to 15 years. The amount of time a carpet lasts is determined by the type of carpet, carpet manufacturers, carpet cushion, carpet fibers, and the amount of wear and tear it receives.

Vacuuming your carpet at least once a week can help it last longer and be functional. This is because vacuuming eliminates dirt particles on the carpet's surface before they sink deeper and begin harming the fibers. Vacuuming regularly might help you go longer between professional thorough cleanings. However, regardless of how frequently you vacuum, you will ultimately need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to remove the deep dust and filth from your carpet. Even If you don't vacuum often, now is a good time to arrange professional cleaning to keep your carpet in good shape.

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Affinity Cleaning Services always commit itself to offering professional cleaning services. We have been serving Auckland homes and businesses for many years and never fail to satisfy our customers. Our reliable cleaners arrive on time, thoroughly do the job and leave your property shiny and spotless. We deliver what we promise with 100% customer satisfaction!

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