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One Off House Cleaning Services in Auckland

Are you looking for a reliable cleaning company in Auckland offering professional one-off house cleaning services? Well, if yes, then Affinity Cleaning Services is the name you can trust upon. Delivering exceptional house cleaning services in Auckland, NZ and surrounds, we are the experts’ businesses and households trust for a quality job. Whether it is cleaning a deceased estate, a new property or an event venue, our cleaners have got the experience, knowledge and resources to sparkle the space in a single stroke.

Our high-end one-off cleaning service ensures that your long-pending uncleaned property dazzles to its original lustre. We clean everything from the ceilings to the floors. Our in-depth one-off cleaning involves cobweb removal, dusting, washing windows, cleaning carpets, disinfecting bathrooms, professionally cleaning kitchens, mould removal, lease cleaning, spring cleaning and more.With Affinity Cleaning services, you get the advantage to hire local cleaners who understand the architecture of New Zealand homes and clean areas that often go unnoticed, like attics, basements, or other storage areas. We work with dedication and ensure you get a place that is safe, refreshing and hygienic.

So, what are you waiting for? Rejuvenate your space like no other. Hire efficient and reliable cleaners for one-off house cleaning services at Affinity. Call now for a free quote.

What does a one off clean include?

A one off cleaning service entails a thorough cleaning of your whole apartment, workplace, or house. Professional cleaners at Affinity will visit   your house and clean all of the surfaces that are accessible. Our one -off cleaning services are ideal and practical for one time spring cleaning, lease cleaning or for anybody who is busy enough to not do household cleaning on a regular basis. Our comprehensive one off cleaning service includes cleaning of ceiling, flooring, cobweb, dusting appliances, windows and doors cleaning, cleaning carpets, bathroom cleaning,  kitchens cleaning including the stove, mould removal in all your property, thoroughly cleaning your attic, basement  every nook that needs attention.

Why Choose Us for One-Off House Cleaning in Auckland

You can without any hesitation contact us for a one-off deep cleaning and treatment of specified areas of the house or perhaps maybe the entire house. The services that we include in off cleaning are sweeping the floors, wiping surfaces, scrubbing skirting boards, cleaning household appliances, windows, frames, light switches, and much more. As part of our one-off cleaning service, we, at Affinity cleaning, include a thorough cleaning of your entire apartment or house. Our team of professional cleaners will visit your home and clean all accessible areas, such as the flooring and skirting boards. The lobby and all of the rooms will also be cleaned. One of the benefits of hiring professional cleaners is that you will have more time for other important activities. You can spend quality time with friends, kids, and spouse since cleaning takes time, which you can spare when you have it and that is why you should choose us as a one-off house cleaning service in Auckland.

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Affinity Cleaning Services always commit itself to offering professional cleaning services. We have been serving Auckland homes and businesses for many years and never fail to satisfy our customers. Our reliable cleaners arrive on time, thoroughly do the job and leave your property shiny and spotless. We deliver what we promise with 100% customer satisfaction!

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