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Is your stove or oven not functioning the way it should be? Are you experiencing a strange smell while cooking different foods? Or the stove or oven is not attaining the desired temperature? Well, it could be an indication that it is time for a stove cleaning service.

Regardless of how hard we try, small oil droplets and cooking materials get deposited on the stove, which makes the kitchen unhygienic, greasy and foul-smelling.

With our stove cleaning services, it’s time to get rid of those tricky residues and reclaim your clean stove to function as new. The Affinity Cleaning Services is a trusted stove cleaning and oven cleaning company in Auckland, that has a fleet of trained crew with hands-on experience in cleaning a wide range of stove and oven systems.

Whether it’s a 4-burner or 2-burner stove, a high-end double oven or a traditional oven, with our proven stove and oven cleaner methods and high-end tools, we clean every component with utmost care. We use eco-friendly products (no harsh chemicals at all) that are safe to use on cooking surface and bring your stoves back to their pristine condition. We understand that even self-cleaning ovens are in need of care and maintenance, and rest assured our team efficiently takes care of every specific need.

Our years of experience in cleaning grime and other debris off, we have become amongst the most preferred professional stove and oven cleaners in Auckland, NZ. We dedicate ourselves to deliver the highest standards of service and make sure you are 100% satisfied. So, experience what a professional stove and oven cleaning service looks like. Call us now for a free quote!

Making Your Oven/Stove Shine Again

All makes, models, and ranges of stoves and ovens are cleaned by our oven cleaning experts. We use a wide range of methods that are meant to enhance safety and functionality of your stovetop and ovens while reducing hours spent on cooking. During the process, if we find any concerns, our team will communicate them with utmost transparency.

We can help you get your stove clean again in no time, remove unwanted buildups, no matter how much grease or grime is on it. We utilise a cleaning solution with no caustic additives, so your kitchen is safe, hygienic, and free of dangerous fumes. We gentle wipe and scrub to prevent scratches or dents.

This also implies that, unlike with other stove cleaning procedures, the oven may be utilised immediately after it has been cleaned. So don’t fight with exhausting cleaning or keeping your range clean; leave out the worries and let Affinity Cleaning Services handle it for you! Contact us for free quotes and have a clean oven in just a couple of hours!

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Affinity Cleaning Services always commits itself to offering professional cleaning services. We have been serving Auckland homes and businesses for many years and never fail to satisfy our customers. Our reliable cleaners arrive on time, thoroughly do the job and leave your property shiny and spotless. We deliver what we promise with 100% customer satisfaction!

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