Are you moving out of your current apartment? If you expect (or want) to get your security deposit returned, cleaning your former place should be as high on your apartment moving checklist as anything else.

Having an essential moving house checklist helps keep things organized when it comes to cleaning, but a strategy makes the difference between a simple move-out cleaning and a challenging one! To ensure that you approach move-out cleaning effectively and efficiently, we have gone ahead and put together a list of helpful pointers that will help you with end-of-tenancy cleaning in Auckland.

Removing nails from the walls: One way to personalize a space is to decorate the walls, and you’re moving all your wall decors to your new apartment. What remains afterward? Damaged walls. Similar rules apply to any additional fixtures you added to spruce up the space, such as towel hooks, furniture anchors, shower caddies, hat racks, clocks, etc. And remember how many times you had to use the drills to get the holes for the TV mount precisely perfect. When you take it down, they’ll be relatively straightforward. As an illustration, you’ll need to patch up the paint once you’ve filled up all those holes and repaired any harm to the sheetrock or other wall surfaces.

Repainting: It’s perfectly understandable if you’ve modified the paint colours to fit your colour choices better since most landlords use primary, neutral paint colours in their units. But now is the time to restore those walls to their former splendour for the new tenants. Since the appeal of the house may be impacted by non-neutral paint colours, most leases stipulate that this must be done in order to receive your deposit back. Now, if your renter approves, by all means, preserve the distinctive colours; just make sure you have their consent in writing to prevent any misunderstandings.

Doors and door frames: Doors are a common household item that is overlooked during routine cleanings. However, merely washing down the doors and their frames significantly affects how sparkly your walk-through looks. And we’re not just referring to interior doors. The same applies to cabinet doors on the kitchen, bathroom, and other permanent fixtures. Until you realize how clean they get, you might not even have noticed how dirty they were!

Ceiling fans: If you’re anything like us, you want to avoid cleaning ceiling fans during your regular cleaning routine, but it’s a place that needs to be cleaned before you move out. Simply glue your duster to something with a long handle, like a broom, to make the work less complicated. If your duster is flexible, bonus points! So you won’t need to look for a ladder merely to get to the blades.

Deep clean the toilets: You should deep clean the showers and tubs, clear out as much gunk from the grout and drains as possible, and scrub the sinks, especially the faucets, until they are spotless. Additionally, toilet bowls must be scrubbed, their lids removed and cleaned, and their exteriors should be dusted

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