Top Reasons for the Importance of End of the Tenancy Cleaning

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Are you planning to relocate or shift to a new home from your rental space? If you have decided to move to a new house, you have a couple of things to do before handing the keys to the landlord. While packing and moving is the task, leaving the rental home clean and tidy is necessary before vacating.

Most rental contracts end the tenancy cleaning clause that mandates the tenant to clean the house before moving. If the house is not cleaned, the landlord is entitled to keep the deposit amount and not make a refund. Hiring a house cleaning in Auckland professional is best recommended to tidy and clean up the rental space.

Here are some reasons why the end of tenancy cleaning is important:

Prevent landlord from deducting deposit refund

On making the rental agreement, there is a security deposit that needs to be paid by the tenant that is refundable. However, if the house is not cleaned before the tenants vacate or there is damage, landlords refuse to give a full refund. If the rental agreement includes the end of tenancy clause and the home is not cleaned before it is vacated, landlords might even keep the entire security deposit amount. Hence, handing over a clean and tidy house to landlords ensures you are refunded the entire amount.

Sanitise the house and prevent pathogenic contamination 

Professional cleaners use high-quality cleaning products that sanitise the entire home and prevent the lingering of contaminants like bacteria or germs. A deep cleaning helps eliminate dust and microbes from places like window panes, carpets, appliances etc. If the landlords provided all the amenities and have furnished the house, make sure to hire cleaners who sanitise the area and hence house is germ-free for new tenants.

Remove stubborn stains and spots.

Some areas, like bathroom tiles or floors, require deep cleaning to scrub off any spots and stains. The professionals provide deep cleaning as a part of the end-of-tenancy cleaning. Each corner and crevice is cleaned with a range of high-end pieces of equipment. The cleaners make sure to deep clean everything from the extractor fans, AC vents and pipelines.

Leaves home in a good condition 

Every landlord expects that the tenants vacate and hand over the house in the same condition as it was given. Also, every new tenant expects that the house is not a mess and it is cleaned well before they move in. On hiring professional cleaners, the home is left sparkling clean, hence setting the tone for the new tenants. It gives a good and lasting impression to the landlord. When you leave behind a spotless home, your landlord is inclined to refund the security deposit immediately.

Summing up

End-of-tenancy cleaning is necessary to vacate a house in a clean, tidy, and good condition. With years of mess and occupancy, a house might leave a trail of mess. It’s hectic to clean a home when you have a busy schedule and are occupied with packing things. The professional cleaners come with all the necessary cleaning tools and equipment and thoroughly clean every nook and corner of the home. This makes the job easy for you and gives a good impression on the owner.

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